Is Your Child Not Interested In Team Sports? 3 Benefits Of Enrolling Them In Jazz Classes

21 April 2020
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Finding activities for your child to enjoy outside of school can sometimes be challenging. While some kids love the idea of being on a soccer team, others may find the whole concept of chasing a ball stressful. For many parents, team sports are the go-to activity, and it can be frustrating to realize that playing one is not something that your child is interested in. A child who lacks interest in team sports may refuse to play in games, argue about practicing, and generally seem unhappy. When last season was a struggle, consider trying something new. Enrolling your child in children's dance class offers these benefits that are aligned with what they'd learn in traditional sports.

Help Cultivate a Team Mindset

Many kids who dislike team sports have an independent personality that makes it hard for them to want to rely on a team. Jazz dance offers the best of both worlds. In their classes, kids work on developing their personal skills. Independent practice at home is often encouraged, and their dance instructor will take note of how they can improve on an individual level. Yet, jazz dance groups also require kids to learn to work together. They'll learn how to pay attention to the other dancers to maintain spacing, rhythm, and control over their movements. Working together on a performance involves collaboration that helps build your child's ability to contribute to a team situation.

Develop Their Confidence

Everyone loves talking about how playing sports builds confident children, and it is true that they do when your child wants to participate. Kids jazz dance classes also help kids to develop self-confidence. As they learn new dance steps, your child will begin to feel a sense of accomplishment. They also work their way through various levels of difficulty, which also contributes to feelings of confidence. You'll also see your child begin to break out of their shell as they learn how to perform their jazz routine before a crowd of trusted family members and friends.

Provide an Outlet for Physical Activity

You may worry about your child spending too much time on the couch if they don't spend their after school hours out on a playing field. A dance floor can offer just as much opportunity for movement. Jazz dancing burns calories, strengthens muscles, and improves flexibility and balance. Moving to the music also just feels fun, which many kids find to be a more enjoyable form of exercise that can turn into a lifelong habit.