How To Get The Most Out Of Dance Camp

9 August 2016
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A dance camp is a great opportunity to meet people and to learn some mad dance skills. But your dance camp will only be successful if you do everything you can to get the most out of it.

Be Physically Fit Before Starting

Dance camp will be much better if you are physically fit before you start it. Therefore, it is a good idea to work to get in better shape and eat more healthy the weeks before. Then, you will focus more on learning and less on how winded you feel.

Don't Eat Too Much

Make sure to only eat a small meal before you are scheduled to dance. Save larger meals for later since it is difficult to dance your best on a full stomach.

Be Engaged

Get plenty of rest the night before so you can be alert and take in everything that you are learning. How much you learn will be limited if you are not fully engaged. Ask questions and make sure that you fully understand everything you are learning.

Take Notes

Take notes during class. If it is allowed, bring a video recorder and record dance instructions that you can later review after dance camp has ended. The techniques you have learned will need to be drilled into your head until you remember them.

Have An Open Mind

Have an open mind and try to learn everything you are being taught, even if you aren't interested in a particular dance style. Professional dancers specializing in one style often learn other dance styles so they can be more well-rounded and creative. For example, even if you aren't interested in swing and are more interested in hip-hop, swing lessons might given you the inspiration to infuse swing into your hip-hop routines. You won't learn as much unless you come to the dance camp with an open mind.

Practice With Multiple Partners

Do not only practice with the same partner. To be more versatile, you will need to learn to dance with different types of partners, from experienced to inexperienced and from tall to short. Some of the best dancers simply have more experience dancing and have danced with a broader variety of partners.

Another reason to dance with multiple partners is that you should use dance camp as an opportunity to make friends. You will likely meet people who have very similar interests and who you can keep in touch with after the camp has ended.

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